Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Adding Textures

I decided to play around with different backgrounds today and apply one of them to a picture that I took last December when I visited an old, historic mansion with a friend of mine.   The original picture only had minor editing in Adobe Camera Raw, so that's pretty much how the carafe and glasses looked.  Here's what I did to the altered picture.   After making only standard adjustments in ACR in Lightroom, I added a background to the image.  I did this by opening the background I was going to use, moved the background onto the normal picture and used the transform tool to enlarge the background to be the same size as the original picture.   I then lowered the opacity, so I could see the objects, created a mask and then removed the background from the carafe and the glasses.  I then raised the opacity back up to 100%.   I used NIK's Darken/lighten edges to create a slight vignette to draw a little more attention to the carafe and the glasses.  I then used levels to lighten the picture just a little, used NIK DeNoise to remove some of the noise and then flattened the image.  I kept a PSD file with some of the layers in case I want to make changes.  I love playing around in Lightroom and Photoshop to see what changes I can make to enhance images.   Some of you will like the changes and others probably won't.  As they say beauty, and I'll add creativity, is in the eyes of the beholder.  So, find an image that you think you could improve by adding a background and see what you can create.  If you want to share the image with me, I'd be glad to see it.  Have a wonderful day and have fun playing in Photoshop.

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